Once upon a time in a peaceful land,

a salesman approached

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He looked all around to see how

he could profit from this hilly place

where no one but birds and animals live.












    He was not concerned about the fact that God’s

other children lived in harmony here for centuries.

  He was only thinking about how much better

he could make things for his own family

(who live so very far away).











“I don’t trust him” said the house cat. “Although

I am a hunter by instinct, I never really hurt anyone in here!” 










The salesman thought “This ground is rocky;

I might have to spend extra for dynamite”. 

That will cut into my profits.











”I could make it rain for a long time to discourage them” 

 “I know that this would only delay the project, but I

have to do something!” said the cloud.











 “Who would do such a thing?” asked the barn owl. 

“We moved here from the Berlin Turnpike after almost

being killed!” “We thought we would be safe here”!











"Where will we be moving to?"












”Please help us”, said the mouse.