The Cedar Mountain Ridge (pictured below) is not owned by the town of Newington. Although both town and state representatives (as well as volunteers of many organizations) have been successful in preserving a large portion of Cedar Mountain, the area surrounding what we refer to as the lookout point can still be built upon.

The agreement was that if the Toll Brothers Corp. were allowed to build 62 homes along the mountain (located just south of the border of the former Cedarcrest building and extending approximately 100 acres south to the Humane Society property facing Russell Rd.), they would set aside the 45 acres near where the ridge and hiking trails are situated. The plan was approved by the Town Planning and Zoning Commission with restrictions and Toll Brothers did not follow up before the deadline expired. They are allowed to resubmit their application and plans.


Cedar Mountain Ridge in Newington is Private Property

Property line details view:

Below are captured screen images of the 62 home proposal that was shown on August 24, 2011.

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TPZ Meeting of August 24, 2011