Town of Newington Volunteers Participate in Cleanup to Celebrate Earth Day 2014


Cedar Mountain of Newington, Connecticut is a unique land that lies within walking distance of the urban city of Hartford; a place unchanged by time, unspoiled by man. We dedicate this site to all who work tirelessly to save this precious jewel which is the town's finest property.
On Thursday February 28, 2013 The Conservation Commission rejected the latest 48 home development plan (along Russell Road) submitted by Toll Brothers with a 5-1 vote; however the fate of the land is still uncertain. The Toll Brothers have submitted an appeal which is presently in litigation.

Environmentalists and town residents repeatedly rule against any and all projects involving construction for numerous reasons including the compromising of habitats on recently preserved land adjacent to the proposed development. The plan is for 48 homes to be built across the top of Cedar Mountain on Russel Road. (click here to view the plan).

To date: Through the hard work of dedicated volunteers, state and town officials, and residents, approximately half of the land on Cedar Mountain has been preserved.


CEDAR MOUNTAIN IS BY NO MEANS FULLY PROTECTED YET AND CONSTRUCTION COULD BEGIN AT ANY TIME! Only a small portion of the property(the Marcap parcel) has been purchased at this time.

cedarmountainisnotfullyprotectedyet (click here) : to read a comment from a Bethel Ct. resident where similar development to that proposed for Cedar Mt. has been approved and implemented. Displaced wildlife concerns are also highlighted.


The Cedar Mountain Ridge is private property and not yet owned by the town of Newington:

The Cedar Mountain Ridge is private property (Read More):

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Grackle enjoys the rain water on the Marcap portion of Cedar Mt. which has been purchased and preserved by the town of Newington (See article below about Senator Paul Doyle and State Rep. Sandy Nafis)

Hear the sounds of life coming from the Vernal Pool

The town dismissed the plan to remove the vernal pool in its entirety, but sadly it is said that the remaining homes are to be placed along both sides of it. The videos below were taken on the Balf property which has yet to be saved.

See and hear for yourself why we believe so strongly in preserving the entire mountain. These sounds are heard only for one week in early spring.

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(recorded March 14, 2012)

State Senator Paul Doyle and State Representative Sandy Nafis announced that the State Bond Commission is expected to approve $1 million in state funding to help the Town of Newington purchase part of Cedar Mountain. (click to Read more...)

The town closed the deal to complete the purchase of the 22-acre Marcap property on Cedar Mountain to preserve as open space.Mark Spencer @ Courant.com (click to read more...)

Please keep tuned to local meetings for Nature's sake!

N.C.T.V..ORG. Link(click here to go to N.C.T.V.org)

"Visions of Cedar Mountain" (the book) by John Vallera has been donated to the Newington Town Library and is now part of their permanent collection. You can also view it online below:

(View "Visions of Cedar Mountain" by John Vallera below):

John Vallera (click to see preview)

View Autumn on Cedar Mountain slide show. (>>>>>click here>>>)

preview thumbs of fall in cedar mountain